Invite Education Co-Founder, Peter Mazareas will participate in the opening session of the 2016 College Savings Foundation Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Florida on March 8-10. He will moderate and present in the kickoff session entitled “Reflecting on 20 Years of 529sCollege Savings Foundation Peter Mazareas

The panel of experts will review the evolution of 529 Plans and milestones and assess where
the Industry is today and prospects for growth in the future.   What have been the biggest challenges, successes and failures What can be done differently to increase participation and awareness?


The Panelists include:

  • William W. Montjoy, Honorary Chairman and Senior Counsel, Global Education Group
  • Richard A. Davies, Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Defined Contribution and Multi-Asset Business Development, Alliance Bernstein
    • Recently Served as Vice President for Oppenheimer Funds and Director of College Savings Plans

Originally introduced in 1996, a “529” is a tax advantaged savings plan named after the very section of the IRS tax code, authorized by federal law and implemented at the state level.  It was after 2001-2002 that qualified distributions became tax free and popularity for the program soared.  Today, 529’s are widely available, provide a valuable college savings option, and have assets over $220 billion.  However, this only represents a fraction of total educational costs in addition to over $1 Trillion in student loan debt outstanding.

As part of the College Savings Foundation Annual Conference this panel discussion is one of many excellent topics covered throughout the event.

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