You’ve done everything right by your community.  From financial literacy outreach to free seminars, to helpful learning materials assisting students on their way to college.

But what happens to all that work when it’s time to convert it to new members/customers and associated products?  Turns out it’s tough to measure. Let’s face it, it takes an incredible amount of energy to provide great financial literacy knowledge to the public, but as any teacher knows, every student follows their own learning path.  What’s interesting about financial literacy is that while anyone can learn it in in the classroom, not everyone will apply it in their life.  That is until they face a challenge where financial literacy is needed, and suddenly it becomes a major point of focus. It’s at that moment the old saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” becomes realized.  Except today, that new teacher is available online 24/7 through virtually all digital devices.

How do you keep up with that? 

You provide a scholarship: It’s still a great idea representing the noble goal of education.  It always draws immediate attention, especially when providing financial literacy to the greater public.  The problem is simply supply and demand.  Only a handful, if not just one student will qualify for your scholarship.  What about all the other students that still plan to pursue higher education?

You Invite Education: It’s simple. Students deserve a better college planning experience, and you can deliver. When offering scholarships to your local community, take the opportunity to provide more. Invite Education offers comprehensive tools that cover testing, admissions, college savings and financial aid along with a scholarship search engine to locate even more funding. Continue to help all students pursue their college dreams beyond your scholarship program for positive community engagement.

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About the Author Ken O'Connor

I'm an expert in higher education solutions for families searching for the right college fit.

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