I am the Founder of Invite Education and will be frequently writing to support our mission to help families achieve their family’s college dreams.  Part of that effort is the recently launched @InviteEducation Blog, which will provide new insight into the greater national conversation about how to help families achieve their college dreams. Your customers need help navigating this important and stressful aspect of their life.

Today, families report that college has become an overwhelming process. But when looking at the big picture, it sure seems like if should be much simpler than other great challenges we’ve accepted.   On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.   Since then,  technology has changed our lives in unimaginable ways.  Our smart phones now house our entire music libraries, give us maps and audio directions to destinations, deliver emails and let us search the internet.    Amazingly, despite these technological marvels, families feel more stress about planning and paying for college than ever before.   It does not need to be this way.  The process is ripe for change.  As Bernie Sanders might say: “That’s nuts. It’s crazy. We need a revolution!”

Revolutions make for great sound bites, but what we need is less dramatic and more concrete: facts, a thoughtful dialogue, and some solutions for families to reduce the anxiety they feel about college.   At Invite Education, we want to simplify and demystify the college conversation. For example, at the end of the day, there are only two questions for college bound 12th graders:

  • Can the student get into the college of their choice?
  • Can the family afford it?

Boiled down and devoid of emotion, the process isn’t that complex. A student simply has to:

  • Establish a good high school track record
  • Take a few exams
  • Fill out an admission and financial aid applications

Sounds simple, but it’s not easy…

We take a thoughtful approach to the college planning process and want to help businesses address their customers’ concerns.  We’ll cover the important issues like college costs, benefits, and how families can prepare themselves and their children to afford their “right fit” school both academically and socially. We encourage starting early beginning with a smart savings strategy for newborns that carries right through elementary, middle school and high school.  By mastering simple habits and raising awareness about the topic, families can minimize the “suprises” and maximize higher education opportunities.

Let us know what you think.   Next, we’ll start talk about the four pillars of a smart college financing plan: savings, free money, current income and loans.

About the Author John Hupalo

I am the Founder of Invite Education -- dedicated to empower families with information, tools and services to make better decisions to minimize/avoid debt while finding the best academic and social college fit.

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