So many great benefits are being provided to employees through smart use of technology combined with insightful knowledge.  Just take a look at how employers like PwC are providing student loan repayment programs with Gradifi, or how companies can utilize Student Loan Genius to encourage employees to successfully repay student loan debt, even going so far as to match payments like a 401(k).

But all this focus on student loan debt begs the question:

Wouldn’t it be better if students could finish college with less debt in the first place?

Invite Education offers a complete planning platform that’s perfect for families managing the college process as early as Pre-K all the way to senior year of high school.  We make college savings the first priority to help families take control of their future plans. Along the way, as the student progresses grade by grade, admissions and testing criteria are highlighted in preparation for the academic competitiveness involved.  As college nears, scholarships and financial aid are highlighted along with cost analysis and comparisons to help finalize school choice.  Finally, after all other funding avenues have been secured, student lending insight is provided to help families make wise decisions about debt.

Taking the “big picture” approach helps benefit long term planners with smart college decisions early helping to ease future student loan debt burdens.  Some parents may still be paying off their student loans now, and want to find a better way to help their child.  You can make this program available for your employees 24/7 and customize it to fit with your pre-existing benefits package.

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About the Author Ken O'Connor

I'm an expert in higher education solutions for families searching for the right college fit.

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