Invite Education team will be attending the 2016 Annual Conference on Financial Literacy in Orlando, FL April 13-15.  From their site:

“The Annual Conference on Financial Education provides professional development opportunities for individuals who work with financial literacy education. In addition to being a critical networking event for financial educators, the Conference offers attendees the opportunity to learn about current trends, develop funding strategies and advance the cause of financial education.”

The event presents an excellent venue for financial educators to share their knowledge and insight on critical financial literacy topics, teaching, engagement and community outreach methods.  The conference helps promote  the effective delivery of consumer financial products, services and education by hosting this national event bringing professionals together in a positive learning environment.  Guests are encouraged to engage and share their experiences while meeting and networking with industry leaders.

John Hupalo, CEO of Invite Education is providing a special presentation “Using Technology to Empower Families to Make Better College Financing Decisions” tapping into his experience in education finance beginning as a student at Boston University, as a Congressional staff member, as CFO of a student lending provider, and most importantly, as a parent.  Today we see that higher education is now more critical than ever, but also even more expensive.  John shares his experience to demonstrate how far technology has come to help families make smarter decisions about their college financing by looking at the big picture outcomes while understanding each student’s educational needs along their journey.

Looking forward to an exciting and educational experience at the 2016 Annual Conference on Financial Literacy!

About the Author Ken O'Connor

I'm an expert in higher education solutions for families searching for the right college fit.

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