Save the date for America Saves week! Beginning Monday February 26, 2018

Invite Education is coordinating activities with America Saves Week 2018 (#ASW18) to highlight the importance of saving for education. Each year America Saves week sponsors a week long focus on various elements of saving – attracting 30+ million individuals.   #ASW18 will be the first year that saving for education will be emphasized.

Participant (“Education Savings Supporter”) Requirements: Invite Education seeks Education Savings Supporters to participate in the activities planned for the first day of America Saves Week 2018, February 26th, “Save with a Plan … For Education.”


There is no cost to participate. The only commitment is to support at least one of the planned activities.

Messaging Themes: The goal is to establish a nationwide campaign of common messaging to promote the idea that saving for education is important. Program participants will use common “Got Milk” type, generic messaging in a variety of forums on February 26, 2018. Messages, which will be supported with infographics and data, would include, but not be limited to:

  • “Saving a Dollar Today is Better than Borrowing One Tomorrow”
  • “It’s Never too Early or Too Late to Start Saving for Education”
  • “Start Saving for Education Today. Today, Not Tomorrow”
  • “Saving Small Amounts is Better than Not Saving At All”
  • “Starting to Save Early Gives Your Nest Egg A Chance to Grow Bigger”

Activities: Invite Education will coordinate (schedule social/traditional media) and support (provide talking points, draft articles,) a series of nation-wide activities supplemented by regional/local events sponsored by Education Savings Supporters. Education Savings Supporters are encouraged to plan and host their own activities as well.

How do we save for college graphic

Currently, Invite Education is soliciting ideas for activities and is considering the following:

  • Social Media Activities
    • Targeted Twitter Messages of the Messaging Themes
    • Twitter Chats – perhaps several on focused sub-topics
      • Saving for College
      • Saving in the Underserved Community
    • Facebook Live Event
    • Coordinated Podcast Releases
    • Coordinated Blog Posts
    • LinkedIn Posts
  • Traditional Media Events
    • Radio Interviews
      • National/Syndicates
      • Local Market
    • Print
      • Op-Ed Pieces
      • Articles
      • Interviews
    • Television

Education Savings Supporters: (* = confirmed participant)

  • American Student Assistance
  • College Savings Foundation
  • College Savings Plan Network
  • Consumer Bankers Association
  • Cooperative Credit Union Association
  • Council for Economic Education
    • National
    • Massachusetts
  • Education Finance Council
  • Finance Authority of Maine
  • Inversant
  • Jump$tart
    • National
    • Maine
    • Massachusetts
    • Rhode Island
  • LendKey Technologies
  • Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority
  • Mayor’s Office
    • City of Boston
  • National Treasurer’s Association
  • Rhode Island Student Loan Authority
  • Sallie Mae
  • Strada Education
  • Treasurer’s Office:
    • Massachusetts
    • Rhode Island
  • S. News and World Report

Thank you for considering how you might help spread the message that saving for education is important.

Invite Education Contacts:

#ASW18 Event Co-ordinator: Ken O’Connor –

#ASW18 Content Co-ordinator: Michael Esposito –

#ASW18 Contributor: Hailee O’Keefe-MacDonald –


About the Author Ken O'Connor

I'm an expert in higher education solutions for families searching for the right college fit.

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