There are only two big college questions:

Can I gain admission and how is it paid for?

Invite Education provides those answers.

John Hupalo ~ Invite Education CEO and Co-Founder

Higher Education offers many benefits, but high costs stress families every year while student loan debt keeps rising. Today, there is a better way. Now you can help by providing best-in-class digital planning tools to make college dreams an affordable reality for the communities you serve.

How do we help your organization?

If you represent a Bank, Credit Union, or financial institution, you now have the means to provide great college advice and engage your best customers right when they need the most help.  The Invite Education Ecosystem provides up-to-date college planning content and intuitive calculators on a white-labeled platform to fit your brand’s website along with #MyCollegeCorner podcasts available to share via YouTube.

I wish I had this when I went to College

We hear this all the time during our site’s guided tours.  That’s because we engage students and parents on the issues most affecting them and provide real world advice on solutions. Here’s how:

  • The Passport for Success – Grade Specific Step-By-Step Guidance, Pre K-12: A child’s education takes many years of development. As they progress through each grade, simple college planning steps are introduced to get started. As the student reaches high school, focused content is made available on standardized test preparation, admissions success and payment strategies including all scholarship, financial aid, savings and student loan options.
  • Invite Education on Youtube: The #MyCollegeCorner Podcast produces quick, informative Youtube Videos to engage students and parents on college fundamentals like savings, student loans, scholarships and more. Like, Share and Subscribe for Weekly Updates!
  • Calculators focused on educational goals:  Invite Education calculators help to visualize savings and compare it to projected college costs and financial aid eligibility.  This key factor plays a major role in finding the right fit college, both academically and financially.
  • Customized College Calendar and Search Engine: Families never miss a deadline with the Invite Education College Calendar and Scholarship Search Engine.  Locate and apply for multiple scholarship applications on time and stay on track with easy application reminders delivered to the account.
  • Our Book: Plan and Finance Your Families College Dreams: Written by Invite Education co-founders John Hupalo and Dr. Peter Mazareas, this book is a roadmap for college plans. Detailed chapters on savings plans, admissions, scholarships, financial aid, student loans and other topics provide real perspective encouraging positive steps towards college success.
  • Custom solutions for your organization / White Labeled Tech: You’ve built a great brand and are ready to expand! Now you can white label Invite Education’s innovative tools to match your website for a seamless customer journey. Rising college costs have lead to family anxiety, but your “College Planning Center” saves the day with quality advice, tools and resources that build brand equity while engaging new customers online. During our guided tour, we can show you examples of client success.