Invite Education: A simple solution for the most common challenges faced with college planning today:


  • Grade Specific Step-By-Step Guidance, Pre K-12: A child’s education takes many years of development. As they progress through each grade, simple college planning steps are introduced to get started. As the student reaches high school, focused content is made available on standardized test preparation, admissions success and payment strategies including all scholarship, financial aid, savings and student loan options.

  • Calculators focused on educational goals:  Invite Education calculators help to visualize savings and compare it to projected college costs and financial aid eligibility.  This key factor plays a major role in finding the right fit college, both academically and financially.

  • Customized College Calendar and Search Engine: Families never miss a deadline with the Invite Education College Calendar and Scholarship Search Engine.  Locate and apply for multiple scholarship applications on time and stay on track with easy application reminders delivered to the account.