Our purpose is to connect people with real solutions to their most common college questions, and help businesses provide the cutting edge service people have come to expect in the digital era.  We recognize the great challenge, and see a better way to solve.

  • Higher Education is a critical goal for families, but the planning process has changed:  A complex economy has made higher education even more important, but increased costs have left families stressed, and searching for a better way to manage it all.
  • Invite Education created a platform to engage and simplify the process:

“Will we gain admission?”

“How can I afford it?”  

These two simple questions keep parents very nervous.  Isn’t it time for a better way?


Invite Education: It’s about taking the complex and making it simple, here’s how:

  • White Label Technology: An easy addition to your new or pre-existing digital engagement strategy.
  • Handles your new digital audience: Technology has increased expectations from your audience.  Invite Education provides customer engagement 24/7 across mobile and desktop platforms, complete and secure.
  • Has the extras you need: Families need quality content and user features all organized on one platform.  Bring the savings calculators, calendar reminders and scholarship search options to your customers and help them plan and prepare for college.
  • Create success: Give your customers confidence and a smart plan. Enhance your pre-existing financial literacy offerings. Expand your reach online to your new, growing audience.  Use the opportunity to cross sell related products and services to high quality leads and engage families on their terms.
  • Join our next demo: If you know any parents, or have children on the way to college yourself, in 5 minutes you will realize how valuable this platform is:

90 Second Overview: